Tuesday 22 March 2011

Consciousness and Gardening info on-line

Hello Wise Women,

Some are saying this is the time for the new feminine to take a leading part in the shift in humanity. They are saying that evolution is moving at a faster rate than ever and that being conscious, being aware is of utmost importance. It seems that there is an opportunity (of a lifetime) here for us women to step up to the mark and live the life that we are destined to live and in the process we can 'save the world', as in the Standing Silent Grandmothers story.

There is much happening to focus our attention on priorities. I am drawn to living consciously and living 'in light and love' as best I can. And I have been making preparations for life with less oil too – growing my own veg and making transition in many ways. Community life is getting better with local markets and more social gatherings outdoors in nature.

I'd like to share some information about online talks and courses which might help you. I've been taking one and find the process amazing.

This week in Dublin there's an interesting speaker Marianne Williamson http://www.seminars.ie/inspirational-seminars/seminar_details.php?event_id=194

This free talk is on too soon http://www.enlightennext.org/webcasts/ Awakening to your Highest Self. Join spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and more than25 religious and cultural luminaries for a series of intimate and deeply inspiring stories celebrating the life-changing power of the student-teacher relationship.

Also this week there is an exciting free teleseminar event with Barbara Marx Hubbard Tuesday, March 22nd (possibly available after the event too). It’s called Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift, and during the event Barbara will share a powerful vision for how we can activate and celebrate the emergence of a new kind of humanity on Dec. 22, 2012 in way that truly impacts the world. Next Tuesday’s event will begin building a global community of co-creators of this vision.

Click here for all the details: http://birth2012.com

For those of you unfamiliar with Barbara Marx Hubbard, she’s one of the wisest elders on our planet and an extraordinary visionary for our day. Leaders like Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, and Ervin Laszlo are supporting her vision for Birth 2012 to help put us on a new evolutionary trajectory of peace, sustainability and prosperity.

Here are some more sources for info on personal and spiritual development...

http://peaceambassadortraining.com/course/PeaceAmbassadorTraining James O'Dea teaches how to embody peace to cope in any situation....






http://sacredawakeningseries.com/library .

Hoping you are getting a chance to plant seeds to grow your own fresh food. Grow It Yourself http://www.giyireland.com/ and Green Friends http://www.ammaireland.org/greenfriends-ireland.htm have helped me in the garden.


Wishing you well and hoping many various seeds grow well!

Love Kathleen

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  1. thank you for helping spread the word about 'Awakening your Highest Self' ! All good things, jaclyn