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Irish Times Editorial for October 31st 2021

The Writers’ Group Homework was, “write something 800 words long with at least half of it untrue”, so I did.                                                                                                                  Judith Hoad   ©   2011 
“Editorial Leader Page.                                IRISH TIMES.                            October 31st , 2021
Tomorrow will be a momentous day in the history of world economics.   At midnight tonight, Pierse Doherty TD will step down as Minister for Finance and his department, the Department of Finance will cease to exist.    It will be replaced by the Department of Transaction Compensation and Cooperation, in the care of Ming Flanigan TD, as announced by the Taoiseach, Richard Boyd Barrett, after his cabinet reshuffle last week.
This historic day arises from the ‘99% Movement’ that surged to prominence with world wide camps and marches that began in 2011.   When the Great Crash occurred and Wall Street and all other major stock exchanges failed on December 21st 2012, (since known as 1% Friday), the new world order began to emerge.
The campus at Big Sur in California was a site of high security throughout 2013 and 2014  at the times when the Council for Economic Transformation, CET, was in session.   Our own ex-president Mary Robinson; Noam Chomsky, philosopher and linguist; Ngong nic, Native Australian and also a linguist; George Soros, financier; Dr. Vivien Camacho, campaigner for the Andean Ayllu and Huang Te, Chinese Confucian Scholar were the Core Group that discussed and set out the agenda for each of the subsequent Convergences that met every six months, with representatives from every nation in the world.
This apparently unwieldy volume of people was chaired with charismatic brilliance by the King of Bhutan.    His Majesty’s Kingdom has long ranked the success of its national economy by the standard of GDH – Great Domestic Happiness.   This, of course, over the years of Transition, since 2015, has become the standard of assessment throughout the world.
Tomorrow will also mark the demise of the United Nations which will be replaced by the World Congress of Cooperation Between Nations, which is expected to adopt the simpler title of Congress of Cooperation, COC.   The structure of the new organisation will only vaguely resemble the outdated UN.   What was known as the Security Council, on which the seven major armament manufacturing nations were represented, is to be abolished and the Cooperation Council will come into being, on which the seven representatives will come from the seven smallest nations of the world.   With five million of a population, Ireland is the most populous of the Seven Nations.   Our representative is Dr Martin McAleese, husband of ex-president, Mary McAleese.
With Ireland as well as Monaco, Samoa, Tahiti, Iceland, Bhutan and Luxembourg making up the CC, it is in Lichtenstein that the few remaining old economists and supporters of the outlawed WTO have sought refugee status.    Although Lichtenstein remains staunchly anti-reformist, it is thought unlikely that many of these applications will succeed, but Australia is anticipated to receive those that fail.   These people are likely to be located in the camps of the Northern Territory, formerly used to corral the Asian Boat people, when they attempted to migrate to Australia in the late 1990s and the early 20noughties.   The internees will be engaged in re-modelling the camps into comfortable, self-sufficient homes and will be required to attend self-improvement classes for two hours each day during which they will be taught how to grow food in the inclement conditions of the Territory and other skills, such as cooking, sewing, carpentry and the Arts.
Since the trial and conviction of the leaders of the IMF and the World Bank, the 99% Movement has appointed small groups, mostly comprised of women, on each continent.   They have been the trouble-menders who have assisted reforming governments in the establishment of various kinds of cooperative organisation to take the place of all the financial institutions in existence up to that time.
In a leaked memo from the Department of Justice, it would appear that the amnesty offered to criminals serving long sentences will include Charlie McCreevy and Bertie Ahern, disgraced former politicians and Sean Fitzpatrick, the surviving director of the discredited Anglo Irish Bank, wound up several years ago.   Their release on parole is expected to coincide with tomorrow’s Samhain Celebrations.
Local groups of the 99% Movement have undertaken to organise celebration parties in every major town throughout the thirty-two counties.   Pennants of orange and green, handmade by members of the ICA, have been sent to each local authority for distribution to all party areas.   New dances have been choreographed, which have been taught by all Irish Dance teachers over recent months.   U2 and Christie Moore have come out of retirement to perform music composed for the occasion.   They will appear live in the Phoenix Park tomorrow.   Large crowds are expected and everyone is asked to act as a Cherisher for the person on their right.
The Staff and I wish all our readers Happiness and Harmony in the Age of Cooperation about to be ushered in”.
Judith Hoad   ©   2011                                   

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