Tuesday 22 May 2012

Reclaiming the Chalice of Grace, Passion and Power at the Wise Woman Weekend

Amantha Murphy at Wise Woman Weekend

Amantha Murphy will facilitate a workshop at the Wise Woman Weekend in Dromahair Co. Leitrim, May 25th -27th 2012.

“We are at a pivotal time in our story, as a people and as women,” Amantha says. “This is our opportunity to create anew what, and how, we want the world to continue and grow. What stories will our daughters and nieces tell of us? How do we want to be remembered? We will look to take on our mantle of Grace, Passion and Power through movement, song and silence, to be in our Power as women, Sisters to each other, to hold space and to live in our truth and authenticity. We are the Ones and theTime is NOW.”

Amantha’s main area of interest is in all things Ancestral - Celtic - Goddess and “womyn” focused - living in the now in passion, power, grace, beauty and creativity.  She first got involved with the Wise Woman Weekend when she was asked to give a shamanic workshop.  “What I love about the Wise Woman Weekend is women empowering each other and remembering the essence of sisterhood.  I hope that it will grow and continue to evolve. That, also, it would be based in a different Province each year.”

When asked what one gem of wisdom she would share with other women, Amantha said: “Remember you ARE all you are meant to be, you just need to live in the fullness of your wondrous and unique nature..”

According to Amantha, the greatest difficulty facing women today is “non-appreciation of our grace and ability to multitask and hold what is necessary to bring growth. We are a personification of the great Feminine, in whatever form you see/feel Her to be. As women, we have been programmed not to make noise, not to 'rock the boat', not to be seen as equals in the world. We are awaking from the great enforced sleep and taking our power fully again. As women, as sisters, as mothers, wives and daughters we need to be aware of the gifts we leave to our future generations of women. We were free and equal in every manner and we need our young ones to remember this again. Rites of Passage bring this back into our awareness - they allow us to honour our paths, obstacles and joys.”

“I have to say that I admire all the women who stand to be counted as ones who hold the flame and the chalice for other women to rekindle theirs. Each woman I have met, offering their gifts, at the Wise Woman Weekend is, for me, a great gift and I feel honoured to be a part of their weave in this.

Amantha is a Seabhean and shamanic healer.  For more details visit her website: www.celticsouljourneys.com  or to read her profile on the Wise Woman Website click here.

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