Friday 31 May 2013

Indian Head Massage at Wise Woman Weekend

The time is drawing close for our annual gathering of women, the Wise Woman Weekend. We continue with our series of interviews of the facilitators of this years event. Tina Rock will host the 'Introduction to Indian Head Massage & Essential Oil Use' workshop on Saturday.

What is your main area of interest /expertise?  
Aromatherapy Holistic Massage using Essential Oils/ Indian Head Massage / Reflexology

How did you find out about the Wise Woman Weekend?
Through a Wise Woman, who advised Volunteering allowing an insight at a Wonderful Event.

If you have been to the Wise Woman Weekend already, what do you like most about the event? 
The gathering of Wise Women to create an environment of Love, Honesty, Creativity, and Educational insight to the individual to reach out,  Embrace and Nurture the Woman within. A place to unlock fears to let go of inner uncertainties , to unleash strength and power to fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

What are your hopes for the future of the Wise Woman Weekend?
Reaching out to others enhancing growth in numbers attending, renewable Funding to Implement events each year that will allow a few Women who cannot sustain costs , to avail of this Wonderful Journey with Wise Woman.

What qualities do you bring to the Wise Woman Weekend?
Honesty , Integrity , Happiness, Musicality.

Do you have a few words or a gem of wisdom you would like to share with other Women?
Honesty within oneself to grow and become the Woman you were born to be.

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing Women today?
Striving to be the best at Life , Juggling Family life , Home making ,Work commitments, therefore forgetting we are Human beings that are not Perfect.

Describe yourself...
As a young “Teenage Wife & Mother”, my life was taken up with the normal day to day running a home and a Mum to 3 Children.  However I come from a background of Natural Spiritual Women who had an affinity with the Power of Healing with Touch & Nurturing skills, such as Head closing (as it was termed) which my Grandmother had a reputation for, “The Cure”, as a child she would often massage my feet legs & head, as I suffered from poor circulation, giving warmth and stimuli to the blood, leaving me as I remember feeling loved and cared for.  As my children grew and left the nest, I had to find my worth in other sources, A programme was being developed in the Community with The Chrysalis Women's Center, it was there that I embarked on a Personal Journey that was to change my perception of Life through Holistic Healing and its concepts.  Twelve women from the area of Deprivation and non Educational Qualification were offered this course to train as Holistic Therapists spanning almost 5 years on a part time basis. Today I facilitate courses with local Community Groups to instill Holistic Healing

Describe your workshop..
Information extracts outlining a sequence of Indian Head Massage, thus allowing participants to not only enjoy the workshop, with Knowledge & Skills, they can also introduce at home to use as a tool in their daily or weekly routine, for Stress relief and nurturing within Family Life.  As the Power of Touch is an earliest memory within our selves as a Healing, Nurturing and Loving experience that comes naturally within our DNA structure, through life and its difficulties we have forgotten how to utilize these natural skills.  This workshop will enhance the skills we have at our fingertips and Healing Hands.

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