Friday 13 April 2012

Amantha Murphy Workshop June 23rd&24th, 2012

A Celtic Woman’s Path
The Way of the Seabhean
JUNE 23RD & 24TH 2012, KERRY
With International teacher and facilitator
Amantha Murphy

Our stories are alive with the richness of powerful Goddesses and women who held sacred their passion for life. Goddesses like Brigit, Maebh and Aine. Women like Grace O’Malley, Biddies Early and Catherine Hayes. Our land is called in honour of Éiru, one of the three Tuatha de Danann princesses. Our Sheela-na-gigs, reminding us of our connection to the other/inner worlds – our wombs/tombs, birth and death - and our ability to please ourselves. Our ancient memories remind us of our ability to move beyond and within. To live in the passion of our nature.

A weekend of experiencing Women’s Mysteries coupled with Shamanic journeying.

To sit in a circle of women awakening to the Sisterhood
An opportunity to immerse yourself in the Woman’s path
Re-claiming our Power, Passion and Grace as women Re-claiming our succulent natures
Connecting to our Goddesses as archetypes Connecting to the Grandmothers, the Keepers of the Lore
Opening to our ability to be the containers
Carrying the Chalice of life and creativity, Our Blood – Our Power Honouring Ritual and Rites of Passage

We will be drawing upon our Ancestresses to re-member, re-weave and integrate the mysteries that are held within our bones and ancient memories, through Journeying and Rites of Passage.

As womyn we are wild, passionate, feeling, grace-filled expressions of the Divine Feminine. In our deep act of re-membering, we will re-weave ourselves whole.

Join us for this weekend of chanting, moving, playing and holding Sacred Space.

VENUE: Faha, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

EXCHANGE: 200-160 Euros

CONTACT: Amantha at: phone no. 066 9767253

For more information, directions and local accommodation, please contact Amantha

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