Wednesday 2 May 2012

Wise Woman Weekend Photo Prizes Announced

The Prizes for the photo contributions from the Wise Woman’s Weekend have been announced.  Thanks to all who contributed their photographs of last year’s event.  Many of your photos have been used in our new website and are making a wonderful splash of colour there at:

As we didn’t want the contributions to be in the spirit of competition, we are awarding prizes to all who contributed.  The larger prizes were given to those who made the largest contribution (volume-wise) and the contributors chose the prize they would prefer.

A Weekend Pass for Wise WomanWeekend 2012 has been awarded to Laura Graham.

A piece of handmade rose quartz and silver jewellery (hand made by Julia Marafie) has been awarded to Edel Egan.

The Wise Woman Community painting from 2012 has been awarded to Siobhan McCarthy for her photograph and poem.

A voucher for two for Uisce Hour at Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat has been awarded to Tracey Jean Yappa.

A signed copy of Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill’s prizewinning novel, The Man With No Skin has been awarded to Niamh Dempsey.

A special prize of a signed copy of Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill’s novel, The Man With No Skin has been awarded to Edyta Bodnar who didn’t send an official entry, but who sent us on some beautiful photos.

Some of the Prize-Winning Photos in the Wise Woman Weekend Photographic Contribution

Sherrie by Laura Graham
See No Evil by Edel Egan
Maypole by Tracey Jean (Tatty) Yappa
Susie Minto Story by Niamh Dempsey

Susie and Rachel with Maypole by Edyta Bodnar
Pond at Ard Nahoo by Siobhan McCarthy

Wise Women
An inspiration from the Wise Woman Weekend
By Siobhán McCarthy

Wise women
Wise women
Oh come and see
The beauty within
You and me

The beauty is held
So close and so dear
There is trust and transition
With no need to fear

We love you
We love us
Through and through
And believe us Goddesses’
This is not new

It stems from the ancients
Their knowledge so wise
Who through the elders
Made us realise

We laughed, we sang
We drummed, we tried
We did open mic
It gave us great succour
We laughed ‘til we cried

The open, the gatherings
The workshops, the walks
Made us beauties
More eager to talk

The beauty, the silence
The pain, the grief
All lovingly shared
By Amantha the Chief

We thank the earth
From whence we all came
We’ll be back to Ard Nahoo
Again and again.

(Inspired by the most eclectic amazing women I have ever met, thank you)

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