Wednesday 9 May 2012

Chakras and Angels at the Wise Woman Weekend: Interview With Marleen Duffy

Marleen Duffy facilitates a Chakra Workshop at the Wise Woman Weekend

Marleen Duffy is a Reiki Master and healer.  She is the proprietor of the Angelworld shop on Hyde Bridge, in Sligo town.  Her main area of expertise is healing, working with the angels, crystals, colour and the Chakras.  At Wise Woman Weekend 2012 she facilitates a workshop entitled: The Root Chakra and Wellbeing.

“My workshop focuses primarily on the root chakra, all about the root, what it means, how it functions, its attributes, how it affects us, how it gets blocked, how to clear it.”  Marleen will do meditations, mantras and affirmations all about the root chakra and healing.  “It starts with the root chakra and then moves on up through the rest of the chakras, finishing with the crown chakra - which ties in with the saying: parents must give their children two things - roots and wings.  Give them roots to keep them grounded through tough times.  Give them wings to soar above everything, explore new worlds and fly farther than their parents ever did.”

I have always been very interested in the Wise Woman Weekend and, since I moved to Sligo and Dromahair is based close to here, it just made sense for me to get involved.  I have never been able to attend one before but I love the idea of 'wise' women coming together to share and explore and learn.  There is something very powerful in the energy of so many women together - and it’s also like a 'play date' for every woman - away from their normal every day lives.”

When asked what gem of wisdom she would offer to other women, Marleen replied: “Action, that would be my gem of wisdom.  Put action into anything you dream of - as Julia Cameron from the book, The Artists Way, says: 'Action has magic power and grace in it!’”

What does Marleen see as the greatest difficulty facing women today?

“I think that many women don’t yet realise the strength and wisdom they already have deep within and this may limit some women from reaching their true potential, when really every woman can do and achieve what ever they want as along as they believe in themselves.”

“I’m looking forward to the weekend,” she says. “It is all new to me.  I would hope that the Wise Woman Weekend continues to be successful and that more and more women learn about it and are able to attend.”

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