Thursday 10 May 2012

Dream Interpretation Workshop at Wise Woman Weekend: Interview with Suzanne M. O'Shea

Suzanne M. O'Shea hosts Dream Interpretation Workshop

Can’t figure out what your dreams mean?  Confused and bewildered by the symbolism behind your dreams?  Suzanne M. O’Shea will unlock the answers when she hosts a dream interpretation workshop at the Wise Woman Weekend, May 25th – 27th 2012.  She uses simple techniques and a dream journal to find the meanings of dreams.  Participants will learn how to easily record dreams; interpret their dreams; keep a dream journal and simplify and record dreams so they can be interpreted at a later time.

Suzanne believes that by interpreting your dreams you can enhance your daily life and your body/mind/spirit connection.  It has long been viewed as a way of relieving stress, a means to resolving emotional issues, increasing personal awareness and a direct connection to Divine energy.  She will provide take-home notes, a dream-time journal and a recommended reading list for each participant.

According to Suzanne, the greatest challenge facing women today is learning to trust themselves and other women.  Her gem of wisdom for women is: Let go and let Goddess!  She was drawn to the Wise Woman Weekend because she loves the solidarity of women in a group such as this.  Travelling from Ontario, Canada, she is attending the Irish Wise Woman Weekend for the first time.

Suzanne’s main area of expertise is in intuitive readings and assisting others to let go of their issues - on all levels.  She is a gifted clairvoyant who has been doing readings since she was 13. In 1999 she completed her doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling from the University of Metaphysics in the US.  She has worked as a social worker, addictions counsellor, sexual abuse counsellor and child & youth mental health worker.  Her experience led to her first book Letting Go - Stuck in the Muck!

Warmth, compassion, perception and honesty are the attributes that Suzanne brings to all her workshops, readings and counselling sessions. When she comes to Ireland for the Wise Woman Weekend, she is planning to make her home here permanently.  She will be setting up her business "Angel's Way" which includes hosting workshops, conducting readings and finishing her self-help series.  She also looks forward to getting involved with the organisation of Wise Woman Ireland so that the weekend can continue its success into the future. Suzanne can be contacted at 

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