Friday 11 May 2012

Biodanza Workshop at Wise Woman Weekend: Interview with Claire Knifton

Claire Knifton Biodanza Workshop at Wise Woman Weekend

Claire Knifton will lead a Biodanza workshop at this year’s Wise Woman Weekend.  Biodanza is a profound system of healing, expression, connection and wellbeing, using movement, dance and inspirational music from around the world.  “It helps us feel in harmony with life itself by enabling us to dissolve blocks, fears and tensions in our body,” Claire says.  “By practising it gently and progressively, we can reduce the impact of psycho somatic traumas linked to the stress of a life focused on utility rather than on the gift of life.  It gives us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves, others and our planet. It makes us more fully open to spirit.”

“My main area of interest and growing expertise is the mind, body, spirit connection. My background is in counselling, reiki, mediumship and clairvoyance and 9 years ago I trained in Dancing the Rainbow which reignited my passion for dance and married it with my esoteric interests and experiences.  I am gaining more understanding and insight into how our minds can affect our bodies and how we can bring healing and passion for life into our everyday lives.  Transformation of old habits, beliefs, experiences and behaviours is possible for us all with commitment, courage and grace.”

Claire was born in London and moved to Sligo 12 years ago.  She lives with her three wonderful children in what she calls “the back of beyond”.  She loves music, colour, dance, nature, peace and wild places.

“I have attended the last two Wise Woman Weekends and love the gathering; I find it a powerful experience and the connection helps sustain, support and nurture me all year.

“My gems of wisdom are trust in the process of life, learn to see the funny side side of things and be able to laugh. There's always plenty of whatever is needed, the trick is to be open to receiving it!”

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