Friday 11 May 2012

Shamanic Rattle Making at Wise Woman Weekend: Interview with Niamh Dempsey

Niamh Dempsey, Shamanic Rattle Making Workshop

Niamh Dempsey will facilitate a shamanic rattle making workshop at this year’s Wise Woman Weekend.  A shamanic rattle is a tool that can be used to induce journey states, drum up energy or clear blockages. In this workshop participants will blend the energies of animal, tree, stone, nut and seed to produce a unique rattle imbued with their own energy and intention.  After assembling the various elements, they will paint their finished rattle with a symbol, power animal, or other ‘image energy’ received in a shamanic journey.  The rattles will then be welcomed, blessed and celebrated with song.

“I am a craft worker,” Niamh says.  “I weave the traditional crios and make Irish lace handfasting cords.  I also make shamanic drums and rattles and am currently dipping a toe into the world of filmmaking.  My main interests lie in Shamanic work, Permaculture and sustainability; all soulcraft of sorts!

“I first heard of the Wise Woman Weekend when a group of my friends travelled up from Cork to attend the event some years ago- the reports were good! When I moved to the North West I treated myself to a ticket.  It was a great introduction into the area, and I made wonderful connections with women.

“I love the fact that it is a women-only space: so rare in our society.  I also love the honouring and celebrating of the crone, also sadly amiss in everyday life.  The sense of fun and adventure is lovely too J

Among the facilitators whose workshops she has attended at the Wise Woman Weekend, Niamh admires Tracey Jean Yappa’s love of community art and her gardening and mushroom cultivating skills, Debbie Beirne’s dedication to her music, Merovee Guerin’s passion for art, Amantha Murphy’s way of holding space and Amber Elderfield’s special gift of dance, which she freely shares with the world! She admires Ruth Marshall’s passion for learning and firm belief in the power of knitting to make the world a better place J

“I hope that the new charity status allows Wise Woman Ireland to expand into different avenues and projects, which develop the scope of the group to reach more women and strengthen it through diversity.”

When asked what gem of wisdom she would share with other women, Niamh said: “It is time to expand our sense of community beyond the human and into the non-human… the plants and animals, the stones and soil and water, the fire and the air, the rain, the wind and the mountains too are part of our community, part of us.”

“I think there is great difficulty for women today finding a way towards wholeness and authenticity; finding a practice (and the time to practice), which assists the move to selfhood and to developing deep clarity and realisation of life’s beauty and purpose. I suppose I am referring to spirituality, which I believe is undervalued today.  It is difficult to access and develop one’s own spirituality without a framework of cultural meaning and support through authentic ritual and the marking, acknowledging and honouring of life’s landmarks. It may seem strange in the face of the huge problems facing millions to focus on the spiritual aspect of the human being, yet I believe this to be a deeper and fundamentally important aspect of self to develop. The greater problems we as a species are responsible for are, I believe, as a result of our disconnection from the sacred within and without.”

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