Friday 29 March 2013

Herbal Soul Art with Sherrie Scott

An Interview with Sherrie Scott , Herbalist and Energy Therapist, Sherrie Creates Ceremonies, Rites of passage, and workshops that blend meditation, art and healing together. This year she will facilitate 'Herbal Soul Art' at the Wise Woman Weekend. Her group work is about inspiring each person’s Creative personal power & facilitating the group to give form to their unique creative energy together. Since 1999 Sherrie’s work has grown into a Tapestry of Celebration, Weaving , Creativity & Energetics, Laughter Yoga & Creative Writing. Felting, Costume, & Ceremony, Painting Story & Song, Movement & Groovement, Herbs & Scents, Rubs & Scrubs, all created anew with each new group. Sherrie has trained with Sli an Chroi , The Four Winds, An Craobh Airgid, Indigenous Shamans in Peru , Brighid’s Healing Herbal School, Judith Hoad, Sean Colins, Health crisis counselling, Reiki Ani Dolma, Louise Hay & Marie Perret, Art Synthesis since 2000.
What is your main area of interest /expertise? Herbs, healing ,creative expression . Art & Healing
How did you find out about the Wise Woman Weekend? In 2005 my friend nominated me as she was unable to do the workshop she was booked in for. I’ve been involved since
If you have been to the Wise Woman Weekend already, what do you like most about the event? The variety of talented individuals coming together and sharing their beauty.
What are your hopes for the future of the Wise Woman Weekend? Sharing learning enjoying
What qualities do you bring to the Wise Woman Weekend? Fun laughter grounding creativity
Do you have a few words or a gem of wisdom you would like to share with other Women?
A weekend to treasure and connect with like minded women.        Relax * learn* share * revitalise
What do you think are the greatest challenges facing Women today? Isolation
Describe your workshop, Herbal Soul Art:
Every day we live amongst plants, trees, herbs and flowers. Do we ever really listen to them? This workshop brings that colourful connection closer through a journey with the plants, Clay and Herbal Art.We will be weaving together our self nurturing messages and trust connections. This is an adventure of finding your own self nurture pathways. When we feel good about ourselves, then we can nourish our relationships with others. So if you are looking for something that’s naturally empowering, surprising and joyful, that connects the heart and mind, body and soul this is the workshop for you.

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