Thursday 21 March 2013

Journey to Gaia; an Interview with Jackie Juno

Jackie Juno, celebrant, performance poet, artist, singer and comedian, has been leading women's groups for nearly 30 years. She will facilitate 'Journey to Gaia' at this year's Wise Woman Weekend. Her interests lie particularly in Goddess-centred cultures, prehistorical sacred sites, simple meaningful everyday rituals and joyful supportive shared creativity with women. She has travelled widely for much of her life. She lives with her guitarist husband and young daughter on Dartmoor, which is a constant source of inspiration to her. Her ease in communication, confidence and grounded humour make her a popular workshop facilitator. She is enthusiastic and dynamic, sensitive and warm, allowing women to experience the fragility, depth, and wildness of their true natures. Here she answers a few questions posed by the Wise Woman Team...
What is your main area of interest /expertise?   Simple rituals, creativity, journeying and facilitating sharing.
If this is your first time attending the Wise Woman Weekend, what is its appeal to you?   One of my favourite things is to spend time creating and sharing with other women in a focussed supportive environment. Also, I have always had a wonderful time when visiting Ireland!
What are your hopes for the future of the Wise Woman Weekend?   Meeting like-minded women, perhaps collaborating with them in creative projects; furthering my experience and broadening my knowledge. Having fun! Forging friendships and professional relationships.
What qualities do you bring to the Wise Woman Weekend?  Humour, experience, curiosity, excitement and very dark chocolate.
Do you have a few words or a gem of wisdom you would like to share with other Women?  We can help to change the world for our children and theirs, and beyond... by joining together and helping create a more loving, caring sustainable future.
What do you think are the greatest challenges facing Women today?  Environmental disaster (that affects everyone of course); violence against women seen as the norm; desperate inequality in many countries around the world; poverty and lack of education, which affects women and children more than men, statistically-speaking.
Describe the workshop you will be giving at this year's event:    A safe supportive environment will be established by the communal building of an altar, with each woman bringing some special object which represents her connection to the earth. We will use relaxation and visualisation to prepare for an inner journey to meet the goddess archetype Gaia. We will spend some time writing afterwards, and sharing our experiences.
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