Thursday 14 March 2013

Interview with Katherine Howard.

In the first of this year's interviews with the women involved with Wise Woman Weekend 2013, we speak with Katherine Howard who will facilitate the Psychodrama workshop:

Women and Power: The Authentic Self in Relationship

Kath is a mother to 3 daughters and grandmother to a beautiful grandson. She works as a Psychodramatist in her counselling/psychotherapy practice in Sydney, Australia and has been a Consultant Occupational Therapist for 30 years, and a group facilitator for the same amount of time. Kath lives in the bush in the wonderful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney with her partner, Geoff, and 2 cats. She is a frequent visitor to Ireland- especially to her ancestral home in County Clare- and has a strong soul connection with the Atlantic coast and the Burren. Kath has a commitment to supporting the life of the goddesses that are in every woman. She acts as a co-celebrant  at the ritual 8 Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year in the Moon Court in the Blue Mountains. At the time of the Wise Woman Weekend, Australia will be getting close to Winter Solstice (Yule)- at the same time as Ireland is coming in to Summer Solstice. Kath loves getting to do both at the same time! Kath is passionate about this Gaian earth (she is a “tree friend”) and believes that women ARE the earth and should be celebrated in a special way. She primarily uses psychodrama to do this.

What is your main area of interest /expertise? Psychodrama and women’s life journey issues.

How did you find out about the Wise Woman Weekend? I can’t quite recall, was several years ago. I was looking for women’s creative events in Ireland to attend when I visit.

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing Women today? Standing in and acting from our authentic feminine power, knowing that the power of the feminine is very different from masculine power, but just as strong. We don’t have to fight to hold our power. We simply have to hold to and act from our truth.

Describe your upcoming workshop at Wise Woman Weekend 2013.
‘Psyche' relates to the spirit or mind, while ‘drama' relates to the stories acted out in life every day. By combining mind and action, psychodrama gets to the reality beneath the surface. In this session, we will work cooperatively to do personal psychodramas led by the Facilitator (Director). The Director will ask someone to get up and act out some of their personal or communal concerns. Others in the group will join in, acting the extra roles in the person's drama. The session develops spontaneously as other people in the group take the lead role in their own drama or support roles in other people's dramas.  The dramas will focus on the theme of nurturing the authentic self in relationships and community. Barriers and problems will also be enacted, with new ways of being evolving in the drama. No drama or acting experience is required. Just bring your authentic self!

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